Reinventing Capital Markets
as they should be

The next generation european stock exchange. For great companies and great worldwide investors of all sizes.

Everithing you need to know

Portfolio explained in just 3 min

Portfolio Stock Exchange

Responsive Capital Markets

Portfolio is the first stock exchange in the world that offers a primary and secondary market in the same platform, integrating custody and post-trade processes for all issuers and investors, andreducing costs by as much as 90%.

An open, accessible Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) for equity & debt instruments, participations in investment funds and money market instruments.

For Real Estate.
For Mid Cap Co's & Tech startups.
For FMCG, Industrial & Retail companies.
For Family businesses.
For Project Finance.
For eSports.
For Equity & Debt crowdfunding platforms.
For Bonds.
For Private Equity & VCs.
For Alternative Investment Funds.
For other investment vehicles.

Portfolio, the stock exchange for ambitious companies of any size, wherever they are based.

New stock exchange,
New possibilities

Traditional stock exchanges' business model is broken.

Portolio's secret sauce

Our technical and legal innovations allow us to be the first stock exchange that prioritizes client requirements for access, for security, for privacy, and for control, all while streamlining processes to deliver unprecedented savings in time and costs.

Portfolio is a redesigned end-to-end venue for equity, bonds & funds with a streamlined issuance process and the management of the whole lifecycle of your financial instrument.

We remove 14 traditional middlemen saving up to 90% of the overall costand giving access to investors of all sizes, even retail.

Listing Sponsor
Agent Bank
Paying Agent
Liquidity Provider
Market Member
Stock Exchange
Portfolio Stock Exchange
Market Member
Member of the clearing house
Order Management System
Clearing House
Order Management System
Central Securities Depository

Direct access to investors
of all sizes

Portfolio Stock Exchange

12+1 Portfolio's main advantages

Here you have a brief overview about the benefits you can have with Portfolio.
Traditional Stock Exchange
Free floatMin. 20 indep. investorsNot required
Capitalization minimum/maximum
/ No maximum
Neither minimum nor maximum
Liquidity ProviderMandatoryNot required
Listing SponsorMandatoryNot required
Listing time to market6 months2 months
Securities account opening & KYC/KYB3 weeks5 min. online
Target investorInstitutional + ProfessionalInstitutional + Professional + Retail
Syndication tools for multiple investorsNoEasy built-in tools
Distribution to investorsTraditional broker platformsDirectly through a link by mail, social media, web…
SettlementT+2 with feesReal-time no cost
Beneficial Ownership ReportsT-2 with feesReal-time free download
Overall listing cost (ie: 40M€ equity)
Overall annual cost (ie: 40M€ equity)
Now you have all the information.
Portfolio Stock Exchange means seamless end-to-end integration with technology and tailor-made service.
Only with Portfolio will you be able to eliminate countless intermediaries, speed up times, and save more than 68% of the cost.Over
in 10 years to invest in your company's growth."

Let's bring the digital era
to capital markets

Find funding via an IPO, debt issuance or merging with a SPAC.
Target investors
Target investors
Target institutional, professional or retail investors directly through our platform or digital marketing.
Tailor-made listings
Tailor-made listings
At Portfolio, we think that Capital Markets are yet to be disrupted, so we aim to do it by letting our clients build that future.
Syndication made easy
Syndication made easy
Syndicate all your investors digitally with a simple click.
Engage your clients
Engage your clients
Allow your client or fan base to invest in your company directly so they can participate in your growth.
Restrictions to shareholders
Restrictions to shareholders
Introduce trading pre-approval requirements or set restrictions to voting rights.
Digital onboarding
Digital onboarding
Let your investors benefit from a streamlined, customized digital onboarding experience.
Save time & money
Save time & money
Accomplish your issuance process faster, saving up to 90% of the overall costs.

A stock exchange should be an enabler,
not an obstacle

Portfolio Stock Exchange


Portfolio allows every ECP, professional investor, financial advisor, family office and even retail investor to operate on their own, directly through our web platform and mobile apps.

Access to the market

Directly through our platform. No member or broker is needed.

KYC/KYB + Securities account

Be ready to invest in a few minutes with our smooth digital onboarding process, both for companies and individuals. We instantly open your securities account and you are ready to invest right away.


Avoid extra cost. We safekeep your funds and financial instruments.

If you want toleave us a message, or you want us to send you our brochure, we will get back to you asap.