Forget everything you know about how stock exchanges work.

Think outside the box. Portfolio Stock Exchange offers endless possibilities. We have built a new generation market, open to interesting issuers, no matter their size or their country of incorporation.

Forget about complex, time-consuming and expensive issuance processes.

Forget about the excessive costs and middlemen who clog processes in conventional stock markets. We are your One-Stop-Shop. With Portfolio, you will have a streamlined digital issuance process, and we will help you along the way to turn months into weeks or days while saving serious money.

Forget about relying just on a few big investors, now you can directly reach as many as you want, however you want, on your own terms.

You will have direct access to institutional, professional and also retail investors. Portfolio empowers issuers to engage their clients, users and fans as direct investors and partners in growth.

We believe that every company
should have a place in capital markets,
so we have made it possible


No prospectus registration obligation

Issuers are not required to publish a prospectus with the National Competent Authority if the instrument is targeted just to qualified investors or when the issuance falls under the exemptions of Art. 1(4) of the European Prospectus Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2017/1129).

Simplifying intermediaries

No need to hire a listing sponsor, agent bank, paying agent, liquidity provider or custodian, Portfolio's integrated platform manages streamlined processes to save you up to 90% of overall costs.

Fewer intermediaries mean less time and lower cost.

Time & cost efficient

We want to digitize and streamline every part of the issuance process and then simplify the maintenance of a listed instrument. By avoiding unnecessary requirements imposed by conventional stock exchanges, you will save real money with Portfolio.

Free float & Capitalisation

No free float or minimum capitalization requirements.

Open platform,
simple listing requirements

Portfolio has just two requirements to list:

  • 2 financial years audited or co-audited (by Big 4, BDO or Grant Thornton). IFRS or GAAP. NewCos accepted
  • A top tier law firm that will manage all your legal documents.

Streamlined processes and simplified requirements, means significant savings in costs and time:

  • No minimum capitalization.
  • No free float requirement.
  • No semi-annual financial statements.
  • No need to hire a custodian, Portfolio will do it.
  • No need to develop a website, Portfolio will provide it.
  • No need to hire a Paying agent, Portfolio will do it.
  • No need to hire a Listing sponsor or Agent.
  • No need to hire a Liquidity provider if you don't want to.

Fundraising & Investor

Boost your fundraising
Boost your fundraising
  • Target investors directly: ECPs, professional or even retail.
  • Hire an investment bank or do the fundraising on your own with Portfolio.

Our marketing platform allows you to segment and target our investor base or your client or fan base just through a link.


Portfolio is here to free traditional illiquid markets by simplifying the issuance process to have a financial instrument listed on our stock exchange.

Take advantage of the liquidity of a listed instrument and give your investors the freedom they always dreamed of.

Communication issuers - Investors
Communication issuers - Investors
  • Built-in messaging platform.
  • Real-time cap table for any debt or equity instrument.

Our issuers can communicate to their investors, encourage to invest more, send news or cross-sell.

Syndication of investors
Syndication of investors
  • Gather as many investors as you want
  • Set your own rules on the issuance.

Do not rely just on a few big ones, open your issuance to a lot of smaller ones that are eager to invest in new profitable deals inaccessible for them until now.

Liquidity disruption

Traditional liquidity systems are not enough.
Generate smart liquidity on demand.

Current liquidity models heavily depend on market makers' activity and that is an expensive and short-sighted view if we think of the huge potential of digital marketing strategies.

Increase visibility of your financial instrument, that's the key. With Portfolio you can segment all our investor base by their interests and target them to broaden your liquidity.

With Portfolio you will be able to take advantage of your mailing list, social media, your own website and all marketing tools at your disposal.

Boost the liquidity of your financial instrument with Portfolio.

Tailor-made listings

Free your mind. unlearn the limits.
Build the future of capital markets.

Have you ever thought of:

  • A whitelist of only pre-approved investors.
  • Possibility of 0% free float.

At Portfolio, we think that capital markets are yet to be disrupted, so we aim to do it by letting our clients build that future.

Simplicity. Flexibility. Digital tailor-made listings.


Keep it simple and cost-efficient

With Portfolio you will save:

  • Up to 90% of total listing and annual fees.
  • A load of time dealing with unnecessary middlemen.

We know you just need a few things from a stock exchange, and you want to avoid unnecessary costs wherever possible.

And remember, with Portfolio there is no free float requirement and no minimum capitalisation, nor obligation to hire a liquidity provider.

Focus on growing your business, Portfolio does the rest.

Project finance

Open and streamlined stock exchange
  • Get your project finance project listed on a stock exchange.
  • Provide liquidity to your investors.

The problem has been that conventional markets impose costs and complexity that deter you, right?
Good news! We have fixed that.

Moreover, with our digital platform you may:

  • Syndicate a lot of smaller investors very easily.
  • Lower your funding costs in your equity or debt instruments.

Mid cap Co's & Tech Startups

Liquidity without complexity

Are your shareholders locked in?

You may have a great company, but your shareholders would love the liquidity of a listed instrument. Well, you are not alone: tech startups, mid-cap companies or family businesses all need the same solutions.

We know that being listed on a stock exchange has many advantages, but it implies huge costs like time-consuming processes.

Good news, we have fixed that.

Crowdfunding platforms
(Equity & Real Estate)

The secondary market we all have been waiting for

Every equity or real estate crowdfunding platform has been struggling with this question from investors:

"Can I sell whenever I want or do I have to wait until the company/property is sold?"

Well, with Portfolio you can have a tailor-made cost-effective regulated secondary market.
You can even have your own branded site for your clients.

Venture Capital, Private Equity & AIF

The key that opens the lock

Venture Capital, Private Equity and Alternative Investments Funds investments have the same problem: they are illiquid. Investors risk being locked in for years.

Portfolio gives investors the liquidity they crave.

  • List your fund or your portfolio companies on your own terms.
  • No minimum capitalization or free float.

Your investors want to be free to pass the baton and the fundraising will be much easier, furthermore your fund will be an eligible asset.

No matter your fund's country of incorporation nor your investors', Portfolio operates worldwide.

Investment vehicles

Trade and distribute your founds easily

With Portfolio, you will have a complete and streamlined issuance platform for your financial instruments. You can use our primary market for the subscription and then trade on the secondary market. You will be able to distribute your funds just with a link, and we will take care of the onboarding: securities account opening & KYC/KYB and the custody of the assets plus all the post-trade and transaction reporting tasks. You just need to send a link, and they will be ready to invest within 5 minutes.

  • ESG funds, Green funds & Social funds
  • Hedge funds
  • Funds of funds
  • VC funds, PE funds & Real estate funds
  • Mutual funds, Close-ended funds & Open-ended funds
  • RAIFs
  • SICARs
  • SICAVs
  • ECR & IIC
  • SCSp (AIF)
  • SIF
  • Pooled investment vehicles…

With Portfolio, you can list every financial instrument no matter your country of incorporation or the applicable law.


List your bonds & bring worldwide investors in

Portfolio offers the easiest and most cost-efficient platform to list bonds, making them liquid and eligible assets accessible to investors worldwide. Portfolio manages registration of the bonds with a CSD, custody, corporate events and coupon payments. Portfolio is a one-stop-shop.

Portfolio also offers issuers flexibility as regards prospectus and financial information disclosure. List Green Bonds, Secured Bonds, Unsecured Bonds, Property Development Bonds…

Commercial Paper and Securitisations

Streamlined digital platform

Forget the exhausting and inefficient processes associated with your Money Market Instruments.

With Portfolio, you will have a single, consolidated digital platform:

  • Connected with your ECPs.
  • Conected with other large corporations.

With Portfolio, it's almost as simple as setting the notional and messaging investors that it's ready to buy.

If you want toleave us a message, or you want us to send you our brochure, we will get back to you asap.