We strongly believe that stock exchanges should be better, simpler, more transparent and more accessible, and we designed Portfolio to check these boxes as the first truly customer-centric financial marketplace. Because we take care of our clients, we are committed to offering premium products only, with unbeatable fees.

We want to help companies on their path to growth, and we want our investors to have access to valuable opportunities. We don’t allow leveraged orders or high-frequency-traders.

No matter what type of investor you are, we have got you covered throughout the investment lifecycle at the lowest cost possible. Our custody services are second to none.

Main advantages
with Portfolio

Direct access

Our clients can access the market through our website, mobile app and, in the case of institutional investors, via integration with their current investment management systems.

User experience

We offer our clients a great platform design and user experience with all the valuable information and data to keep track of their investments.

Instant payments

We hold all of our clients’ funds in segregated accounts at top tier European banks, so they are always available for withdrawal.


We custody all of our clients’ financial instruments in omnibus accounts held by Portfolio with Euroclear as Central Securities Depository.

Internalized settlement

We take care of the clearing and settlement of all transactions so you don’t need to worry. Our fees are unbeatable.

Trading fees

Trading fees: 0€ per trade, no matter the size, and we give you the chance to donate 1€ per order if you want that we will donate to social projects.

ECPs & Institutional Investors

Portfolio seeks to facilitate market access and streamline the entire life-cycle of financial instruments we list, providing everything required from a single, integrated platform that removes middlemen to deliver unprecedented value. With Portfolio, you have:

free direct access to the market through our web platform
top-notch custody services
transaction reporting
choice between multilateral or bilateral trades and,
settlement in T+0 (Real time).

Portfolio brings cost-efficiency to another level, one not achievable on conventional markets.

Portfolio Stock Exchange’s open architecture allows connectivity/integration with in-house trading systems, offering interoperability for order management and data retrieval. Portfolio also features a permission protocol to restrict access to functionality by user ID, and supports protective measures such as multi signature.

Professional investors

Portfolio allows every professional investor, financial advisor or family office to operate on their own or on behalf of their clients directly through our web platform.

Our digital KYC/KYB & AML onboarding process enables your account and your clients’ to be up and running in minutes.

With us you don’t have to worry about complex fee structures, expensive custody services or being targeted by algorithmic trading, we’ve got you covered! 0€ per executed trade, no matter the size, and you will have the option to donate 1€ to social projects.

In Portfolio you will have the opportunity to invest in premium products, some of which have never been listed in stock markets before due to the high costs involved.

Now you can compete with the big players on the same terms joining forces with some of your colleagues. You will become a great source of financing and will not have to worry about a time-consuming syndication process, Portfolio does it for you.

Retail investors

From now on, the companies you love can be listed in Portfolio Stock Exchange and invite their loyal clients, users or fans to become their shareholders and be part of their growth.

Portfolio allows retail investors to operate directly through our web platform and mobile app. With our smooth digital onboarding process using bank-level technology, your account will be created on the spot. Now you have free access to Portfolio just with your email.

The big deal here is that you can invest in a company and also trade your stock whenever you want in a liquid market. If you have invested through an Equity or Real Estate crowdfunding platform, you cannot sell whenever you want, you are locked-up until the company is sold or there is a new round of financing because they have legal restrictions that bans them from creating a secondary market. Now with Portfolio you have that market to trade.

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