It's a new day, a new era in Capital Markets. Now you have a one-stop shop in Portfolio Stock Exchange.

Integrated service: More quality and time and cost savings
  • Primary and secondary market.
  • Security accounts opening and custody.
  • Settlement and dividend/coupon payments.
  • Direct access to trading for investors.
Big differences
  • No free float requirements.
  • No mandatory Listing sponsor.
  • No mandatory Liquidity providers.
  • No external paying agent or agent bank.
  • No external broker.
  • No external custodian.
Forget the "it has always been done that way"
  • Forget paying fortunes to middlemen with no added value.
  • Forget invoice surprises.
  • Forget wasting time with neverending processes.
  • Forget headaches.

With this simulator you can estimate the TOTAL costs and compare it with the traditional markets. It's the only way that you can make and informed decision.

Reinventing capital markets as they should be.

Portfolio Stock Exchange

Issuance Cost Simulator

Calculate the cost of your issuance in Portfolio and compare it with the traditional markets.

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