With Portfolio, you don’t need to become a member to have access to the market if you don’t want to. We’ve got you covered.

We are one of the few investment firms in the world authorized to be, simultaneously, operator and member of its own market. Simply put, this allows for an improved investment experience and lower costs.

Using Portfolio as your member allows brokers, banks, fund managers, marketplaces, investment firms and investors to send trade orders and receive market data directly, without being required to undergo burdensome onboarding processes, tech integrations or carry out post-trade tasks.

Javier Ferrer

(Senior Manager, Madrid)
Debt Capital Markets
Market Member


Carlos Ladero

(Sales Manager, Madrid)
Debt & Equity Capital Markets
Market Member


Simplifying access
to the market

Trade in all asset classes

Open a securities account with Portfolio in less than 5 minutes and start trading equity, bonds and investment funds right away.

Data feed in real time and free of charge

There is no need to become a member or pay money to access our market data in real time (pre- and post-trade). We treat all our customers equally. Always.

No membership or annual fee

Forget having to pay thousands of euros per year to access the market. We will act as your market member free of charge. There is no catch, promissed.

Low trading fees.

0€ per executed trade, no matter the size.

No financial transactions tax.

Portfolio falls out of the scope of the financial transactions tax regulation.

Web and/or API access.

All our clients may send trades and manage their investments through our web platform or by connecting to our API.

Portfolio takes care of transaction reporting, settlement cycle and custody, free of charge.
All in real-time.

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